Garden Tour

Spring has sprung.

Sweet Peas, I think they are called Painted Lady. They smell sublime!

My little seedlings are ready (mostly) to be transplanted. But I have an earwig problem. I have not had a problem with them before. I have seen the odd couple when moving things around but never to this level.

The seedlings that I have transplanted are being killed left right and center. It wasn’t so bad when it was my sunflowers and cosmos but now it is my food that is suffering! Not Cool! The tomatoes seem untouched. They were much bigger when I transplanted them. That may be what I have to do this year.

The Zucchini will probably not make it.IMG_4027

The corn seems to be fine.

Corn with a few stray garlic in the background
Corn with a few stray garlic in the background

The dill, spinach, mustard and a few other things were fine for a few days and then eaten down to a single stem. This makes me sad…

Today I am going to replant a heap of seeds. It isn’t too late. It’s on my list of things to do.

Future strawberries
Future strawberries
Society garlic, the flowers are edible and taste like garlic, great in salads!
Jasmine, I can smell it throughout the backyard. Heavenly.

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