Too many aims

I think I am trying to do too many things. They are all in the same vein but I have trouble when there are conflicting means to ends.

I would like to create next to no waste.

I would like to have a minimal carbon foot print.

I would like to eat only local food.

I would like to be off grid.

I would like to have less technology in my life.


Each of these by themselves is achievable (with a lot of work!) But to create next to no waste I have to drive further (petrol=big carbon foot print) than I can ride my bike to get package free food. I bought big jars to store the zero waste food in which seems counter productive. Sometimes I need to choose between local but packaged or further away and package free. Or organic from India or non organic from Australia. I would like less technology but I love writing a blog, the internet is invaluable when researching better ways to create less waste, people get annoyed when I don’t answer the phone.I feel like each step forward I make in one area is a small step back somewhere else.


Off grid is more challenging. I have solar panels but no means of storing the power, so at night we use grid power. We have a gas stove top and heater. I drink mains water. I think it would be expensive to get off grid but I also believe you shouldn’t work all the hours of all the days in this life. Balance is so important. But money makes all of this easier. Conundrums upon conundrums. I guess this is just a venting of frustrations. Slowly I will work out the nuances of how and what works for me. Til then I will just keep compromising. I do drive for package free shopping but only once a fortnight when I am kind of in the area. I am growing nearly all of my own fresh food so especially going into Spring/Summer hopefully the garden will be in abundance and I can eat delicious nutritious food from my back yard.


I try to charge the computer and phone only during the day when the solar panels are doing the work. I run the dehydrator on sunny days. I try, I try, I try.

IMG_3988I guess that has to be good enough…


2 thoughts on “Too many aims

  1. I had the exact same problem when I was doing Plastic Free July for the first time this year. Often choosing the plastic-free option meant actively choosing not to buy fair trade, organic, or local items. It was pretty frustrating! But I figure that those of us who are striving towards all these (sometimes conflicting) goals are doing much better than those who don’t even try. As you say, it’s good enough.


    1. I just keep trying! The fails swirl around in my head for a while as I mull over if there was a different option or what I will change next time. My theory being that as long as I am thinking about it and striving for better, that is good enough. One day we will all have a system nutted out. Till then the fact that we are trying is pretty awesome 🙂

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