Water water water

I have always studied my water bills, fascinated with the breakdown of usage. Attempting to reduce my daily litre usage. Working out little tricks to save every precious drop. A game almost. Then I moved to a house that only has tank water, no mains connection, no back up, no game. No water bills to study. No idea what I am using. Up until recently it had only rained once (properly, more than just a few drops) this year, and that was in January. Every time I turned the tap on I worried that this was the end of the water in the tank.

A few weeks ago we got 12mls of rain. Glorious rain. The tank overflowed. It had been no where near empty the whole time. I really need to get a gauge that tells me what is going on in there. It is a massive 22,000L above ground concrete tank so most water gauges are not appropriate. 22,000L is not a huge amount of water considering it is for me, the animals, and the gardens. The tank looks large and imposing but its contents are a mystery to me. I have only recently worked out that it is 22,000L (approx) thanks to some year 9 school maths. Despite being told at the time we would use this is our day to day lives I did have to google how to work out the diameter from the circumference. Anyway. 22,000L (approx). The ladder is purely for aesthetics, I like how it looks there. It is missing rungs and slides on the curved edge at the top. Not so safe…


Turns out I am super frugal with water. When the tank was overflowing I thought it would be a good time to change the cats water. I still poured the old water in a watering can, I can’t drop these habits. I have no idea of the size of my roof so I do not know the capture area for rain. But even when the tank is full I don’t waste water as it could be soooo long til it next rains.

Despite previously being conscious of water usage, now that I don’t have a limitless supply it is always in the forefront of my mind. Water is a precious precious commodity. I wish people were more aware of the privilege of clean drinking water. Water is life.

With the bit of rain, the ground is transitioning from brown to green.


This is also thanks to the kangaroos being firmly on their side of the fence.


Although something is still getting in and nibbling.