Little Projects

I have been slowly working on an ever growing list of things to do around here.

Finally the building man has given me a start date, the front porch area will be fixed in January.

The fencing man can put some kangaroo fencing in (probably January too)

The dam man can fix the hole in the dam (once the water level drops a bit more so he can get a bobcat in)

My sister and I decided to tackle the back deck. It is going well so far. Steep learning curve but my best friend google has been invaluable.

The garden is coming along (slowly)

This was taken over a week ago, the sunflowers have opened, the pumpkin is now on the shed roof and the tomatoes have spread out.

The painting continues, slowly, my motivation is low. The green kitchen is now a glorious shade of duck egg blue. The laundry, lounge and my room still need attention.

The bees have been very generous.


Santa is bringing me an extractor. It will up my honey game significantly.

Couldn’t decide which picture so you get both. I was so excited by this passionfruit vine, so many flowers (that the bees are loving) but I have the strongest suspicion that it is an ornamental variety 😦


Summer is here. The uninsulated house is exactly that, uninsulated. Quite hot! when it is 39C (102F) outside it is not much different inside. Monday’s forecast is 40C. I have borrowed a small evaporative cooler from a friend, this should help keep the cats a bit more comfortable. I have frozen corn and water for the chickens. Placed green tree leaves/branches on the metal roof of the bee hives to help keep the hot sun off their roof. Hopefully all is well for the animals.


When you don’t want to buy a Christmas tree, all your ornaments are at your old house (except a gift from a friend, see the pretty silver bow?) but you want a little Christmas cheer. Just cut down an invasive weed and drag it inside, 2 birds one stone (now one less that I need to pull out)

I really really want to plant all the plants that I can get my hands on and create an oasis of green. As I water each day though using 40L of drinking water just for the tender young plants then weekly 100+L to water the fruit/manuka/lucerne trees I realise that I cannot plant any more plants until I get more water tanks. As I need to reduce the volume in the dam I have been wading in and watering the plants using this water. This is time consuming and messy but it is building me great muscles. It feels like free water though as no one really drinks it (no sheep yet, non adventurous chickens). The bees do drink from the dam so as long as it doesn’t dry up completely all is good. An oasis will have to wait a little longer. I read somewhere (I think it is an old Chinese proverb) that the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, the second best time is today. I am going to add a third best and run with that one… Third best is when you have enough water to keep the plant alive, probably next year…

I usually don’t have any luck growing beetroot and to be completely honest I don’t remember planting them, I thought I only planted radishes but I must have thrown a few beetroot seeds in (I am always optimistic when I have packets of seeds in front of me!). They have been magnificent. Isn’t nature amazing!!! ps that is the new deck in the background. I will take a proper photo when it is finished, so in approx 5 years…