Market time

I am fairly excited, next week I am going to have a stall at a market. I will be selling my handkerchiefs and napkins. I have a few knitted dishcloths but not many. I have no idea if anything will sell.

I have decided to go to a rural market first to test the waters with a much cheaper stall cost. I have been sewing nearly everyday with varying levels of commitment. I have lots and lots of stuff to take with me.

I did a trial set up of the table.

IMG_4392Obviously I will iron everything so it doesn’t look so wrinkly. Plus it won’t have a picture of Brighton (UK) in the picture frame, it will have a price list.

I made the bunting from scraps left over from either the napkins or the handkerchiefs. They are not particularly even or neat but they look bright and cheerful. They will eventually make it to the chicken coop, I have always wanted to have some colourful bunting for the ladies’ house.



Old school sewing

I am not an amazing sewer. I don’t make my own clothes. I do mend my clothes but often by hand not with a machine. But when I was given a heap of material I decided I was going to make a quilt for my friends birthday. Just a basic quilt as you go no skills required. I did not have a sewing machine. I thought I would just borrow one.

I was talking to my grandmother about this quilt. She said she had an old sewing machine I could have. I was fairly excited! Once I saw how cool and old it was I was uncomfortable with taking it. Granny assured me it was unbreakable. My grandfather had given it to her as an engagement present in the 1940’s. I was adamant that I would not take it. Especially with the sentimental value. She eventually talked me into borrowing it. So now I have it on loan (granny reiterates frequently that she has given it to me, I maintain it is loaned).

IMG_3843It had some water damage to the wood. I sanded and now re oil or wax the wood approximately yearly. I made that quilt plus 2 others. Now I make all the handkerchiefs for my etsy shop. I do put a little B&F on them with my mums fancy machine. But for all my basic sewing I am much more comfortable with my grandmothers. The Singer wins hands down.

It is old school and has a knee pedal (not sure if it is still called a pedal if it isn’t on the floor, but the thing that makes it sew is controlled by my knee). It weighs a ton. It is so heavy that it lives on the table all the time and I just slide it to the side when I want to use it.

IMG_3846IMG_3840IMG_3842I cannot believe it still works. I love using it. It is great! So easy to thread the cotton, no fancy buttons to confuse me, just forward and back. That I can handle!

Little Helpers

I have spent a fair portion of the last week sewing and taking photos of the end product so that I can open the Etsy shop. Unfortunately I had a few helpers…IMG_3439Herbie, my sisters cat, wanted to be involved. If I had taken the photo a second later it would have captured Herbie knocking over and then sitting on my handkerchiefs (those specific ones are no longer for sale…)

I also had my chickens displaying avid fascination in what i was doing.IMG_3463This one is also no longer for sale.

Despite not having a goat, there are still a few animals on this suburban block. 2 cats, 5 chickens, and approximately 10,000 worms. Once I convince a few people there will be a bee hive too.  The 2 chickens not in the photo are rarely up on the verandah, Maggie is disabled and only has one working leg, as a hopping chicken she does not take on stairs. Bella feels the top step resembles a sheer drop from a massive height, once up the normal sized stairs she feels trapped and takes around 3 to 4 minutes of attempts to finally go down the top step. The other 2 steps pose no problem to her. I seem to attract weird animals with very strong personalities.

Exciting news (for me), I opened the Etsy shop last night.  I think I can expect fame and fortune any time from now. I’ll keep you posted….