And then there were none…

Gosh I enjoy a good Agatha Christie novel, yes I know the grammar is incorrect for what I am trying to say  but I couldn’t resist…

The manky carpet is going, going, almost gone.

I have pulled up the carpet and the underlay in the hallway, golly the wood underneath was filthy. I shudder to think how many decades of dust and skin cells had accumulated under there. What a great time for the vacuum cleaner to die.

Yep, that is the carpet in the end room. Couldn’t find my utility knife to cut it.

I have stopped pulling the carpet up til I get the vacuum cleaner serviced. I cannot handle all that “dust” without being able to vacuum it up (I have a very strong aversion to loose skin cells). The new flooring goes down in February. Removing the carpet has really increased the ventilation in the house. There is no where in the hallway that you can stand and not see outside. Nice. Actually not too bad in Summer but thankfully it will be fixed before Winter returns.

The cats are enjoying the new breeze


Also the front of the house has been removed. The little ramp and verandah that led up to the front door has been removed by builders.

If they decide to return (gosh they are hard to pin down) they will be re-stumping, rebuilding (with a step instead of a ramp) and adding guttering. It will look so much nicer than the rotten, broken, kinda scary stuff that was there. Can’t wait!




When I was a child we called these Fairies. I do not know why. Maybe because they seem to fly, maybe due to their incredibly delicate nature. The reason I do not know, but Fairies they were. If they had the “key” in them then you could make a wish.


I found out this week what Fairies are.

I pulled out the incredibly spiky thistles as the bees did not seem interested in the purple flowers. I thought that this was job done. Mission accomplished. I was unaware that the process of going to seed would continue once the plant had been unceremoniously yanked from the earth (with a shovel, man are they spiky, they made me bleed so many times).


Each flower turns into approximately 7 billion Fairies. Those “keys” are seeds. The Fairy transports them far and wide and before you know it this will become Thistle Farm.

This is slightly before the fairies develop but I cut all the heads off that I could see and threw them in the bin before I thought to take a photo. These are some that I missed. I am not willing to let them get further just so I can take a photo. These were cut off as soon as the photo was taken.

I guess I should have worked out that they were some sort of seed as a child but it honestly never occurred to me. This has been an eye opener of a week. Thistles. All this time when I was throwing the key away and making a wish I was aiding and abetting Thistles!!! I cannot believe it. Mind Blown.

Glorious photo of Franklin to soothe my soul after this life altering discovery…


Weeds, weeds, and more weeds

And yet still there is more. The weeds are out of control. I am tolerating them at the moment as they are the only greenery. If not for the weeds I would be surrounded by a dust bowl.

These are all new to me weeds so I am unsure which ones are fairly harmless and which ones are going to take over and rule the world.

This one seems so pretty and harmless. How could such a delicate flower do any wrong? I have been admiring these for weeks. Hopefully they don’t overnight grow thorns and attack the chickens, or me.



I was fairly excited when I saw these. Self seeded melons. So welcome when I lost all my melon seedlings to frost. How exciting. I have been keeping an eye on them for weeks to see what fruit grows.


Yesterday I saw the fruit, doesn’t actually look so inviting. A little googling later. Invasive weed. Damn. No free melons for me.

Actually a poisonous invasive weed, not just any old invasive weed. I only grow the best 🙂

Over the Summer there have been at least 10 more new weed types seen and thriving. I should really be taking pictures of all of them for identification purposes but also so that if some turn out to be real nasty (corkscrew weed seeds or the horrible bindi- I have dedicated days and days of my life to pulling them out of the fields!!) I will know what their flowers look like and can pull them out before they set seed.

I love a wild look garden. When there is no garden I can appreciate a wild weed look. Lucky I can embrace this as it is the specialty of the farm right now. Wild and weedy. Also kinda dry and dead in parts. Can’t win them all…

Ahh technology

Constantly out to baffle me.

I take my photos on a camera then use a thingy to get them on the computer. That thingy broke just before I posted my last post. One of the wires detached itself from its home. With the aid of a butter knife and a mini screw driver I was able to open the thing up and used masking tape to hold the wire in place. I uploaded the photos and published the post. Success.


Pretty pleased with myself. I then put it in my bag with the intention of asking my brother to weld the loose wire back on. As only one of the 3 wires had detached it was easy to see where it should go. In my bag the other 2 detached 😦 RIP Thingy.

My sister in law very kindly gave me one yesterday that she no longer uses. I am back in the photograph game!!!

A spiky spiky thistle that I allowed to stay and flower as I thought the bees would like it. As beautiful as it is, I have yet to see a single bee on any of them. Hopefully I can pull them all out before they drop seed.

Slowly plodding through tasks here. The day is framed around watering the garden, every day different plants get watered, based on a flawed roster in my mind. Then I move to other tasks like the deck.  My sister and I bought a pump designed for pumping dirty water and have been watering the garden with dam water. Better than wading into the dam and filling a watering can which is what I was doing. Gosh it is pretty in the morning.


The deck is coming along. The actual bit you walk on is done the only thing missing is stairs. Currently I am working on the railing. This is all that is done so far…


I stole some comfrey from my old garden and it is sprouting up a treat. As I was transplanting it this morning I had a good look at this self seeded un-watered tomato that is growing nearby. It is a small plant, tiny actually. The fruit looks like no tomato that I can remember growing. I am interested to see what it tastes like. Whilst gazing fondly at the tomato I noticed a self seeded basil. I love basil! I have never in all my gardening career had self seeded basil. I am beyond thrilled. It was just over 42 degrees C (108F) here a few days ago, how this little plant survived I do not know. I am now going to watch it keenly.


Maybe it is a relative of the mini roma tomatoes I grew last year?


My intentional tomatoes are growing well. I don’t think I have grown this one before and of course there is no label or name to jog my memory. I think maybe it is Sweetie. Anyway, it is growing lots of lines of tomatoes that are a feast for my eyes.



Now I am off to find 4 containers to put underneath my worm farm. I need to put each leg in a container and fill it with water. The meat ants have discovered the food in the worm farm and think it makes great snacks. This should stop them. Fingers crossed!