Spring is certainly coming, then Summer. Here Summer means everything that isn’t watered is dead. There will be no grass. I am soaking up all the green now.


Clay soil. I am sure I could make pottery out of it.



Unexpected beauty

I was trying to take a photo of a tiny drop of moisture on the tip of a frozen blade of grass. The camera overrode and took a much better picture….


Tried again, still unsuccessful but still beautiful.



A day of cold blowing wind, then in the afternoon the wind died down, the sun appeared and a double rainbow. Magic.



Unrelated but magical in its own way. When your cat is just super happy in in his skin.



When you buy an unlabelled plant at the market because it is only $1 and you wait and wait. I have no idea what it will be but hopefully I will know soon, this bud is tantalising. I feel like I should know it based on the foliage but I don’t, ah the suspense…


The daphne that just keeps teasing me. It has been threatening to flower for soooo long. I cannot wait. This will be its first flowering. This is the only one on the plant. I think it is late for a daphne to be flowering but I will just patiently keep waiting. Nature teaches patience.


Oh the choices

A couple of non related random lovelies today

Spring is coming!!!!!!!!! This is either a peach or a nectarine tree. My sister in law grew it from a pip but cannot remember what fruit it was. Only that it was delicious. She did not feel up to the task of ownership so gifted it to me. It is thriving.



Digging new garden beds is hard work here, more rock than dirt it feels. But they are pretty!! Look at those colours.


When you can see the whole world in a clod of weeds.


These little wrens make me laugh every day. They appear so joyful. They dart around in the grass appearing to be constantly at play, always with a friend. Hard to capture one not moving. They are tiny and glorious.