Green green grass

I am one of those people that actually enjoy mowing lawns. It is like meditation. My favourite part is that it is so visually rewarding. This isn’t really lawn it is just weeds. I am mowing for a few reasons: 1) snake season is upon us, I don’t want to accidentally stand on one in long weeds nor do I want to make a nice habitat for them. 2) I want to improve the soil without tilling or really doing much to it at all. The clippings should break down and add goodness to the soil. 3) I want to grow a woodland in this area (lofty goal I know!) and I have started planting the trees. I am much more likely to tend to the trees when it isn’t a treacherous path down there. In 20 years when these trees have grown big enough to create a canopy I will start planting the understory. I can see it now! Til then, the beauty of freshly mown lawns.



Glimpses of what is to come

Spring, for me, is about watching and waiting. Lots and lots of watching and waiting. Plants put out fresh growth and tantalise with signs of flowering. So many of the plants that I planted in Autumn (and have forgotten what they are…) are about to flower. Probably. Maybe…

This plant is still so tiny, I am thrilled (and suprised) that it is even thinking of flowering.
I thought this one had died, according to google it does not like frost. There has been frost every night for months. I love plants tenacious will to live.




Perfectly Pink

I was chainsawing, hand sawing and hand breaking wood for the wood fire. I snapped this piece and found the most beautiful shade of pink, the photos don’t do it justice. It was raining when I took the photos so I did not persevere in trying to capture the colour. You get the gist.




A smoker is used each time I access the hives, it helps hide the bees alarm pheromones from the rest of the hive plus makes them think there is a bush fire so they consume honey in preparation which makes them heavy and docile. I usually have trouble keeping my smoker smoking through to the end of the second hive visit. This time: