I will not proclaim to be a kimchi expert. To be perfectly honest I have only ever tried the kimchi that I have made. I have no idea if it tastes how it is supposed to. This is the third time that I have made it. I have thoroughly enjoyed it each time and I haven’t killed myself accidentally. I originally made it because I had grown really large purple drum head cabbages (because I thought they were pretty) but then didn’t have a food plan for them.

I certainly know how to make a mess. Quite a talent I have there…

It is cabbage time again. I still don’t grow daikon (I really should so that most of this is from my backyard). My ginger experiment was a flop, next years goals: ginger and daikon.

I got my recipe from here I change it up a little bit depending on what I have. This time I had more daikon and less carrot than the recipe said, I ran with this. I don’t put the fish sauce in, so I guess I already do know that it doesn’t taste like it should. I have no comparison point, I don’t miss what I don’t know.


I went with a hands on approach. It smelled like heaven!





IMG_4349I love the vibrant colours. It made 4 and a half jars. It would have made the full 5 but I had some fresh like a coleslaw with my dinner (delicious!!)


I now just have to wait for this batch to ferment. I like to leave it out about 6 or 7 days. I am the only one that eats it so I need only impress myself. Let the count down begin 🙂




Pumpkin Pumpkin and more Pumpkin

I have mentioned before that I grew a lot of pumpkin this year. I have finally finished it all!!!!!!!!!!! This is quite momentous. So. Much. Pumpkin. Has. Been. Eaten. I have a pot of soup on the stove now and it represents the last of the pumpkin.


The freezer is looking a little less packed after taking these jars out.


Onion from the farmers market, garlic from the back yard, cumin and red lentils package free, water from the tap, pumpkin from the backyard. The only culprit is

IMG_4171I didn’t have stock in the freezer like I thought I did. So I threw in a stock cube. I guess I need a better system in the freezer so it is immediately obvious what is in there.

I cannot express the satisfaction I feel at finally getting through all the pumpkin. I did plant 2 vines again but they are both good storing varieties and I think probably less prolific.  I may have planted the corn too early though as they are massive and blocking the light to the baby pumpkin vines. Trial and error, I can’t say I would be devastated if the pumpkins don’t thrive….

For the love of garlic

I really like garlic, I use it for all sort of things aside from cooking. I use it in a spray for the garden, I chop it up and swallow it raw to avert an impending cold, I use it in the chickens water to aid worm prevention and as a general immune booster for them. I do cook with garlic a lot, but my most favourite use by far is garlic salt on home made chips. It is the bee’s knees!

Last year there was a bit of a mix up when I ordered my garlic bulbs and they didn’t arrive, so I bought some at the market instead. I planted them out. Then a week later my order came.

I put garlic cloves everywhere. Between flowers, in pots, anywhere I could find space. When I harvested in December I was pleasantly suprised. I had assumed that a lot of the cloves wouldn’t have grown much due to their unusual locations, but most were great! I ended up with around 70 corms, 10 or so of them were small the rest a good size. I dried them out and learned how to braid them. Then stared at their magnificence…

That was in December. Now it is August. I have the next batch growing in the garden from the best looking and largest cloves. IMG_3548Hopefully lots more delicious garlic will be harvested in December!

But… I still have heaps of garlic left. IMG_3578I had given away only about 10 or 15 corms as I was unsure how much garlic I actually use and didn’t want to have to buy some because I had given it all away. This was ridiculous it turns out… It is just starting to sprout now, so every visitor has to take a corm home with them. I also decided to dehydrate more. More potential garlic salt! Yay!IMG_3587This is now ready to be blended (actually ready to be put in the cupboard exactly as is till I can be bothered blending it into a powder). You can see the sprouts. I was unsure what to do about that so I removed some and left some in. Laziness really prevailed.

Once I have turned it into a powder I will probably store it as is and use it in cooking if there is a gap between the last of the garlic (I assume it will sprout and not run out) and harvesting more as I have a fair bit of garlic salt already made up. I am trying to conserve the last of the potatoes so that I can plant them after the last frost. But now I Really want chips… and a mandolin slicer, that was a lot of slicing by hand. A mandolin slicer would be heavenly.