I am cold in my bones. I know that it doesn’t get that cold here in Victoria Australia compared to other places around the world. The coldest it got this Winter was -4.5C at my place. It is all relative, that is what I have known most of my life as cold, my body knows this as cold. My house has no insulation in the walls, holes in the floor, and flimsy windows. Spring is here during the day. It is sunny and almost t-shirt weather. But in the mornings and at night it is still so cold. I am sooo sick of being cold. My hands hurt, my feet hurt, I don’t like it… Evidently it makes me very whingy! I am super grateful that we have a new heater and I can warm up in the evenings so that I don’t have to wear all my clothes at once. I am ready, so ready, for the warmth. I will be less whiney. I am sure!




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