Special light


I love the last bit of day light, where all the trees look black but you can still make out their shapes against the dying day. It feels like a really special last glimpse of the day.



It took many hours of stove hovering but at the end I got this.


1.1kgs of beeswax from the manky old frames that I cycled out of the hives last season. The time, effort, love, expertise, and general amazingness that goes into making a frame of wax astounds me and I am so grateful to the bees that put all this hard work in so that I can then give it a second life as part of lipbalms, soaps, moisturisers, candles etc.

To balance out all the morning letting the chickens out photos. The other end of the day, locking the chickens up.

In the middle there is one of my hives.

A visitor

Tastes of Spring are in the air. This means I am outside for most of the day, coming in only for water, food and bathroom breaks. Yesterday when I came in for water there was an uninvited visitor. There are 2 indoor cats here, evidently neither are hunters.


The nearest door was too far away to easily shepherd this little bird out so I decided that picking it up although hugely stressful for the bird may be less stressful than trying to shepherd away from its window.


The shutter on the camera for some reason didn’t open properly. I did not want to problem solve while holding a tiny wild creature. I walked outside and put the bird on the deck, it flew straight up to the nearest tree. Bye baby bird!

P.S. all the old bee frames and wax in the background has, after hours in front of the stove, been dealt with. I will weigh it today and see what I ended up with. Thank you bees!!