Garlic planting

I am never 100% sure when I am supposed to plant garlic. I think it is the Autumn equinox, or Easter or whenever I remember. I went with option C this year and planted it this week.

I had to clear out the garden bed that I had designated for this years garlic. There were some tomato plants, basil, melon vines and pumpkin vines.


I decided to leave the basil plants to try and eek out another pesto batch.

I have basil in other beds too, I am not expecting pesto just from these straggly plants!

I added compost and worm castings and dug it all in. I usually just add to the top but this bed and one other are weirdly sandy. I am sure the answer lies hidden in my garden journal but I haven’t put the time into figuring it out.

Probably should have added more, it still looks a little lack lustre.

I then separated out the biggest heads that I had in storage from last year and picked the biggest cloves for planting.

The pile on the L) is for planting, the pile on the R) is for using first in the kitchen. There was not a huge deal of consistency in my decision making. I ended up with 58 cloves to plant from 8 heads of garlic.


I planted them in this bed and then all round the other garden beds in random spots. Turns out 58 is a lot of spots to find…

Planted and watered in.

Now to wait patiently for 8 to 9 months…



Unexplained Hiatus

I have no reason. I just didn’t feel like it. I saw plenty of photo opportunities, plenty of things to write about, just lazy I guess.

Lots of beautiful apples this year.

I cannot recall any glaring updates that are required, life is just pottering along.

I purchased a No Crow collar off the internet to try and allow the neighbours to have a sleep in. To be honest the early morning crowing was getting to me too. The poor chicken is not thrilled. It is not applied properly. Just putting it on loosely tamped down her spirit enough for a few days of quiet, she eventually persevered. We tightened it a little. I think it is sitting too high. She can still crow, she does still crow but it is not as frequent. I will take this as a win. She looks funny. She still eats, drinks, dirt bathes and acts like the crazy chicken that she is. I think she has grown used to it. I worried it would be a haven for mites but it doesn’t seem to be.

This is when we first put it on, her feather have settled around it a little since. It is still quite obvious that it is there.

The poor ladies have been locked up for weeks now, only let out of their run when myself or my sister is out in the back yard with them. There was an incident of a stray cat attacking Baby chick. I ran to the backyard to see what the noise was and the cat had her pinned down and was biting her around the neck. I thought she was dead as she didn’t move when the cat was scared off. Once the shock wore off she seemed ok. Lots and lots of missing feathers, a few puncture marks and scratches but ok. A few days later her leg was hot and she was limping. I gave her sunflower seeds liberally laced with raw garlic and either time or the super powers of raw garlic fixed it. She is now limp free and growing her feather back in. I lean towards the super powers of garlic, my sister – time. The cat problem is unsolved. I thought about buying a dog, but I don’t really want a dog and my luck would be that it was a chicken chasing dog that I would end up with. No solution is on the horizon.

After a long long wait the tomatoes finally started ripening.

Enter a caption

Now it is pasta sauce, pizza sauce and dehydrated tomatoes every second day to deal with the glut.

I am going to try making basil infused oil today. Then freeze it. In Winter I will re-hydrate the tomatoes with the oil and blend the hell out of them and have pizza sauce. Who knows if this will work. In my mind it sounds flawless.