Yesterday I was playing on the computer looking stuff up and some little voice said “look up your blog” so I did, for the first time in 6 months. I enjoyed reading what I had been up to last year. I am unsure why I let this site lapse. I enjoy writing down the junk that resides in my brain. I tried to be quite strict in posting 3 times a week hoping to make it a habit. Turns out my inner laziness won. I think now I will just write stuff when ever I think of it, like now. Right now I am procrastinating because I cannot be bothered to make my trial¬† cauliflower pizza base. I don’t even know where my camera is so there will be no photos.

I cannot even think of a title for this post. I may leave it title-less, rebel that I am.

Garden update: Haven’t planted enough food for the Winter, don’t know why. A few weeks ago I planted a heap of Winter seeds in a frenzy of food fear. They will be growing big and edible in Spring when I want to put all my Spring/Summer stuff in. Silly move. Anyway, I did it. They are little seedlings in my greenhouse now. Winter has not got me down yet (give it a few more weeks) so I haven’t started my slightly panicked (maybe Spring won’t come and I will be stuck in Winter forever) Spring seed sorting and planning. I look forward to that, it usually happens at the end of July. Garlic is growing steadily. Heaps of Kale. That is about all that is in the garden. I let a lot of flowers go to seed before pulling them out, now there is a wild looking garden of volunteer flowers, borage, love in a mist and sweet peas being the prettiest.

Zero Waste update: Doing fairly well, would still like to do better. Currently my sister and I (she is not so concerned with zero waste but I cannot blame her entirely, some of it is mine, specialty cheese packets I am looking at you…) produce about a small shopping bag of rubbish each month or so. Not particularly full or well packed.¬† But still too much. Still buying bulk butter, sharp cheese, oil, grains etc

That is all for right now…