Summer Prepping

This is the first year that I will be Summer prepping. I usually squirrel food away for the Winter but Summer is usually a time of abundance so I just eat whatever is fresh. This year however I have frozen cordial for the hot Summers days when water just won’t cut it. I used lemons and limes from my trees and mandarin from a friends tree and honey from my bees. It is delicious now and I am sure that it will be more delicious on a hot day. I froze it in a mini muffin tin then popped them in a container in the freezer.

I also used my sourdough culture to make pizza bases/wraps. It is how I currently make wraps and they work fine as a thin pizza base. I just cook them in a pan on the stove top. I did a trial a few weeks ago using one as a pizza base then cooking the toppings using just the griller. Perfectly fine. This house gets so hot in Summer that I try to not use the oven. These can be ready to eat out of the grill in minutes as opposed to 30 to 40 to cook the base and pizza in oven. Yes I have a slow oven! I will see how they go. If it works well next year I will make even more.



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