Still Lazy, but less so.

I have been taking more photos. There have still been times where a less lazy person would go and get the camera but at least 50% of the time I go and get the camera.

When fairy lights make the kitchen look cleaner and more magical

I am happy with this, now I just need to make time (and motivation) to sit in this space and write something down.

Roses making their way into my room

I checked the hives today, booming. The split new hive is finally looking happy and healthy, they had me worried there for a while. They are now stocking up for the Winter. I feel like bees are the ultimate Game of Thrones fans, they are always ever aware that “Winter is coming” even though Summer hasn’t even arrived yet. They have good numbers and no visible disease. Success! I have also stolen enough honey from the original hive for Christmas presents. Thank you little bees! I would like to say that they are generous but it is called robbing for a reason, I really am stealing from them.

One of the best sights (and smells) in the world, fully capped honey.
During todays inspection

We had a massive down pour of rain here last week which has helped the garden grow. The weather is around 30ish degrees (C) each day so great plant growing weather. All just plodding along slowly getting things sorted. I am so so so close to getting the kangaroo fencing sorted which will allow the garden to grow so much (in geographical size). Probably by the time the fencing is installed it will be too hot to try and plant stuff but with the amount of seeds that I have, it can’t hurt to try.

Or is this one perfection?
All from the same rose bush, it is amazing, there are so many different looking roses, there are others that appear all yellow, some that look almost completely pinky/red, the pale ones, the coral ones. Loving this rose bush!

The sourdough culture is going great, I have recently started keeping it in the fridge. This does not seem to affect its health. Fairly impressed with it!

Ignore the filthy filthy window (but note the yellow rose, same bush as the above photo). This is my bedroom window. Bit too close I think. He doesn’t look thrilled to see me either…

The jolly old gas heater hole continues to challenge me. I am going to pull it all down and start again. This pains me greatly. I guess I need to remember that every failure is actually just a learning experience. And boy have I learnt a lot. I will fix this hole differently the second time and will apply this new knowledge to all large hole fixing I tackle in the future. Doesn’t mean it isn’t really really irritating. I am currently hiding the problem….

What crack? I don’t see a problem. Surely I can just keep hay in the lounge. Right?




I do not have a fancy phone, I do not want a fancy phone. My phone does not have the internet, it barely has a camera, it makes and receives phone calls, it sends and receives texts, this is all I want. So even if I happen to have my phone on me when walking about the farm I cannot capture the things I see. I need to be less lazy and carry my camera around.

I am too lazy to go and get the camera and capture the things that I think are beautiful or interesting or worth having a snap shot of.

I should go and take a photo of the transplanted fruit trees so that I can document their growth (or death in a couple of their cases). The light on a cloudless morning here when the sun is rising is so yellow it makes everything look utterly magical. I should try to capture even a sliver of the magic. In the evening, as the sun sets, the farm over the road gets all misty and the long shadows cut through the mist and create a feast for the eyes. Last night I stood there and just soaked it in for 5 minutes. I should take a photo too.

An hour ago I was digging in a garden bed that I had added compost to a couple of months ago. I thought that as I had neglected it (empty, no plants, no water) all the worms would have either moved so far down that I would not be able to see them or they would have died. I found a nest of happy wriggly worms, this made me happy, probably don’t need a photo of it but if I had a camera with me I would certainly have taken one for the sheer joy it sparked in me.

3 chickens in a row, dirt bathing and loving it, turned in unison to see what I was doing. Cute as buttons.

The most perfect rose. Obviously I stop to smell them! Some are worthy of being immortalised.

A bee on the thyme flowers.

A bee in the capeweed absolutely covered in yellow pollen, having a great day.

A progress photo of the old dog area that is slowly looking more like a garden.

The light coming through the gum trees into the washout that runs the length of the farm, it looks like a peaceful old river bed at one point, not like my farm.

The cat sleeping in a cat like cute pretzel shape.

My new bee hive put on a lovely show yesterday afternoon with orientation flights for the new foraging bees. Joy.

Saying goodbye to the bright green kitchen, saying hello to the soothing pale blue kitchen.

The fluffiest white clouds in the bluest sky with hint of the moon still visible.

The weird looking passion fruit vine is flowering, the flowers are always fascinating to me.

The dam, to record the water levels.


I took none of these photos. They will slowly leave my mind and be gone forever. I will make more of an effort to take these photos. Maybe I will go and take a progress photo of the dog garden now.


This and That, Bits and Bobs.

The once scary looking roses are blooming and are looking beautiful. The smell is heavenly. I picked one today that was so big the weight of the flower head broke the stem. I felt it deserved its own bowl.



As Megan correctly identified regarding my weeds I do indeed have Bindi. Now that I know what it looks like I can see that it is everywhere 😦 I have spent hours each day digging it out in a bid to limit the amount of seeds that are spread. There are so many more to go. It is so sharp and it gets caught on everything. I strongly dislike this weed.


Little Maggie Moo had a run in with an eagle or a hawk. I do not know what it was but gosh it was huge! I happened to see it and raced out screaming like a banshee. Thankfully the bird left Maggie behind when it flew away . The poor lass has lost all the feathers on her back and has some nasty wounds. Some are puncture wounds from the claws, they are small but deep, others are large and muscle is on show. I won’t put a pic here, I thought they looked fine but it turns out I am not a good judge. I think all wounds look fine, they are just wounds. As long as there is no maggots, that’s the only thing really that makes a wound not fine in my eyes. The fencing man that came the other day asked why there was a chicken in the bathroom. I showed him, he was grossed out. Weird. So no photo. Protein helps the body to heal wounds, so I wanted Maggie who is perpetually underweight to get lots of protein. I wanted to give Maggie cottage cheese but they were all out at the store so I got her some yoghurt. I think she likes it.


I am still patching walls and painting every surface I can see. I am a little sick of sanding. I have a lot more in my future. That old gas heater hole really has been a steep learning curve. It is still up in the air as to whether I pull it all down and start again or persevere with what I have done. Right this minute looking at it, I want to pull it all down. I will probably settle with a year of sanding and another layer of joint compound or 7.

Next on the DIY list is to tackle the back deck. How hard can it be to replace a deck?