I have so many posts written and saved that just need photos added. I have lots and lots of photos that just need words to go with them. I have done neither (obviously…)

I will delete the ones that I wrote that were waiting for photos as they are out of date now. One was complaining about the hole in the dam that was holding up the fencing and limiting the amount of water the dam could hold.

I now have new fences and no longer have a hole in the dam. Why post about the hole when it no longer exists?

I was not here when the man came and fixed the hole so I can’t be sure but I feel like he made the walls taller. It looks like a photo you would see as a warning against the horrors of deforestation, although I can’t seem to capture that feeling due to the trees in the background. You will just have to trust me. Apparently trees on the edges of dams are not good and their roots undermine the structural integrity of the walls. He took them all down. Some of them were big, they had been planted or just let grow many many years ago. One day it won’t look so jarring to me. 3 weeks after the hole was fixed it still catches my eye every single time. Plus with the higher walls the tiny amount of water left in the dam looks like a puddle. We need a proper rain to dump some water in there.

There should be water all the way to where I am standing. So close to empty. A couple of really hot days and it would evaporate.
This was the hole.
The hole is gone!! Who knows how long this fix will hold. I have my fingers crossed that it lasts a really long time 🙂

I have fences! Since the completion of them not a single kangaroo has come in. It has been amazing. There was some rain last week and the weeds have started to green up and grow a bit and there are no kangaroos to eat them. It is glorious, the green is slowly returning (I don’t care if they are weeds, green is green). Despite having no plan in place to harvest more water (I really really need to work out how to catch more water!) I have been planting stuff because it now actually has a chance to live. Oh the joy!

My first crocus bloom. The start of an illustrious career in saffron. You gotta start somewhere. Must google when to harvest, I thought they bloomed in Spring so obviously have a bit to learn before career really takes off.