More DIY

As I am quite proud of my hole fixing ability, a flawless record thus far. I have decided to up the stakes quite significantly.

His afternoon napping location, unrelated to the heater, just makes me smile to see.

My sister and I removed the old gas heater (turns out I didn’t take a photo of it, so just use your imagination). As there is no gas mains to the property and the gas cylinders had been collected, I felt that this was a safe enough thing to do. If the heater had been connected to the mains a plumber would have been required to cap off the gas supply. The heater had not been used for over 5 years, it was unsafe to be turned on, big, kinda ugly and I wanted it gone.

Also unrelated. There have been some lovely sunsets lately.

I don’t think I quite appreciated the hole that would be left behind….1650mm x 415. It is approximately 20 times bigger than the only hole that I have ever fixed. Plus there is a hole from the vent on the other side of the wall that needs fixing too. This is only about 50% bigger than my first project. I will fix that one first, build up to the other one. Wish me luck 🙂


The vent at the back of the wall.

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