More nettle

I am thinning out the nettle. I was treating it like a plant and being all gentle with it. Not harvesting too much from any one plant. I realised this morning when I could barely see the garlic that I was being too kind. It is a weed after all.

I have started cutting it back, I am aiming to cut about 90% of it down to the soil. This will give the garlic some light and space. It also means I can get the weeds out with out getting stung. I have only done about a quarter. I am trialing drying it like mint or peppermint to save on power. I feel I have nothing to loose as I have so much more out there. My plan is to keep the nettle under control and only let one set seed. If all these set seed I would be in big trouble I think!


I have left the self seeded flat leaf parsley in there. I have pulled out the self seeded tomatoes as they will not be able to survive the frosts in Winter without protection.

I think I will let the inside nettle dry then attack the next quarter. Repeat til all done.



2 thoughts on “More nettle

    1. When it isn’t dry I use it like spinach, dried I mostly use it for tea but this winter because I have so much I will throw the dried nettle in soups and breads and anything else I can think of. Hopefully I still get all the nutrients. So Much Nettle!! 🙂


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