I have had this pair of cotton pajama pants for at least 10 years. I had mended a few holes over the years but they finally reached the end of their PJ life recently. I intended to cut them up and put them through the compost. Seemed like a good idea for material that is thread bare in parts. As I started cutting I thought long and hard about what I was doing. I stopped. I started cutting in strips. Now they will have a few more years of use before they reach the compost pile.

Apparently as the broad beans keep growing you add higher and higher supports for them.


I am up to 2, I will add a third when the beans are taller.

Plus I have heaps of them so I can use them all over the garden. Need to tie up the tomatoes in Spring? PJs. Need to re-stake the lop sided apple tree? PJs. Need to help the beans til they learn to hold onto the trellis properly? PJs. Need to attach wire to the fence for the sweet peas? PJs. I am only limited by my own imagination.


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