Garden tidy up

Autumn is nearly over, the garden is slowing down for the Winter season. I decided to do a tidy up. 2 of my garden beds do not get any sun to 7/8ths of them throughout Winter. I do not plant anything in that area from Autumn til Spring.

Today I tidied.

I will scatter this pile over the lawn and then mow the lawns,  I will give the lawn clippings to the chickens and the compost bin.

I brought Maggie in, as she cannot dig she does not do any great damage to my garden. She found some fairly tasty worms and bugs to eat!


I allow the garden to get overgrown throughout Summer to minimise the amount of concrete pavers exposed to the sun. I think this helps keep it a little cooler in there. It certainly means I get burnt soles of my feet less often! I tidied all that up today.

I did not take before pictures. Too enthused to start the job! The next 2 pictures are taken some time during Spring/Summer to give an idea of my overgrown pathways.


Today I pulled out a lot of nasturtium, old beans, tomatoes, more nasturtiums, weeds, a few baby sweet peas and whatever else was where I didn’t want it to be.

I even swept!

I did leave some things like the thyme growing over a full paver, but this is unlikely to get out of control and I can still use the path.


I also have yet to cut back the salvia. I still love looking at the purple. Til it dies back a bit it will stay.


Next on the list is to prune the apples and pears. That is for another day. Today I am done.


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