Less than success Part 2

Sweet Potato:

I planted 2 plants, then a couple of weeks later put my bee hive there.

The sweet potatoes were promptly given a fairly wide berth. They were with the potatoes, once I harvested the potatoes I ignored the sweet potatoes. Mostly, as I didn’t want to be too close to the bees flight path, but also so that I could see what happened with my irrigation free self seeded tomato plant.

I only harvested one sweet potato per plant. Pretty poor!


Obviously I had help in digging them up. I waited til a cool day so there would be less bee activity. I was aware that I was in their path. A few flew into me, one stayed on my arm for quite a while. I would like to say I was cool with that but I wasn’t really. I was a bit nervous.



Things I took away from this:

-Don’t allow the chickens to help dig them up, they don’t respect the sweet potatoes.

-Don’t let the chickens free range as they will eat most of the leaves making things difficult for the plant.

-Watch where the trailing vines go and make sure they stay on the ground so that more sweet potatoes can grow. The ever giving feijoa tree that grew tomatoes for me also has sweet potato growing through it…


-Put more effort into the soil and continue to care for them after planting them

-Don’t plant them in front of a bee hive.

Next season will be better šŸ™‚


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