Garden stuff

It feels like Winter is here. Winter gardening does not get my full attention, it doesn’t inspire me to the same extent as Spring, Summer and Autumn do. This is the first year that I am growing broad beans. I have not over committed, 5 plants is all. A trial. So far I think I have failed to meet every one of their requirements but they seem to have forgiven me and got on with the job of growing. There is a rogue left over capsicum plant in there that I haven’t pulled out.


They look pretty happy.

I forgot all about the stinging nettle when I choose the garden bed for the garlic. They are just going to have to be companion plants. I love free self seeded food. It has come up in abundance. Free nutrition, I am so lucky! The nettle seems to have tolerated me digging all the soil up and adding compost, it came up a couple of weeks later.


The ginger has not received the memo that Winter is here. It is not growing any more but it is not dying back. I am just waiting. I will hedge my bets with it. Harvest half with the hope of sprouting some and replanting in Spring and leave half in the soil to hopefully sprout for itself in Spring. I am suprised it grew as much as it did. I cannot wait to see what is going on under the soil. I hope big fat juicy ginger!

The bricks and flower pot are my way of deterring the chickens from digging it up. The browning on the leaves has been there all Summer, the new shoots are still all green. I continue to wait patiently.

The late Winter flowering bulbs are doing their thing. I am intrigued to see where I planted them (the amnesia is real!) and if there are any extras growing from leaving them in the soil all Summer.




2 thoughts on “Garden stuff

    1. This is my first attempt to grow ginger. I am unsure if it is successful as yet. When I harvest it I will definitely write about it, success or failure. There are already things I will do differently next season. I have a cold now, I wish it was ready to harvest!


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