Immune systems

For over a week I have felt like I am on the cusp of getting sick, on and off sore throat, sore sinus’, general feeling of meh.

My ginger plant does not seem to be dying back yet so I haven’t harvested any. Ginger plus lemon and honey is my go to drink to stave off illness. I have had a few lemon and honey drinks but it just isn’t the same. Today I have returned to an oldie but a goodie. Sage tea. If I was willing to run out in the rain again I would have added some rosemary, alas I am not, I do quite like the two together, just not enough to go back outside . I find it soothing to a sore throat and generally makes me feel a little peppier.


It has been raining for days. Really raining. Over 40cms in the last couple of days. I have no idea how much more as my rain gauge overflowed twice. I hope it hasn’t washed away all the seeds I planted the day before it started. I wish I had a roaring fire to accompany the rain on roof sound track.

I have been inspired by Franklin to not get sick. He used to get the cat flu annually, annually and properly. Despite vaccinations. 18 months ago I made the huge decision to make him an indoor cat in large part due to his repeated illness’. This last 2 weeks he has been fighting the symptoms of cat flu. I am unsure how he caught the virus, I can only assume a human bought it to him. I am just waiting this one out. He has runny eyes and is sneezing. I have never waited it out before as he usually gets worse so quickly. The area around his eyes swell up, he starts wheezing and generally looks very sickly. This time however, he has had a runny eye and sneezing. No worsening of symptoms. As of yesterday his eye has stopped running and the sneezing is getting better. This may be the first time in his life that he has fought it all on his lonesome. Traditionally he has been hit with a heap of drugs to aide his fight. I am so proud. This is the house of fighting bugs.

Resting and recovering
Somewhat distrustfully resting and recovering…

Yay to immune systems. They are the best!


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