A time of less light. A time to think about electricity usage a little more. During the day I expect to be using only solar. On a gloomy day that is hard. The other day I lit some candles to try and brighten inside but we were still using some electricity from the grid. in the middle of the day with no lights on 😦


I turned the radio off and stopped charging the computer, that made a difference.

It is also a time of tidying up in the garden. I have some willing helpers to clean up under the apple trees and trim back some of the plants. They are only allowed into this garden area in Autumn for a few short days. The damage they do is too great to let them in all the time.


They show no discretion in what they trim and what they dig but I only found one bulb they unearthed so I will take that as a win. Last year I did the same thing and I did not have any coddling moth in the apples this year. I thank the ladies for this.


There are some beautiful trees in the areas that I live and work that are putting on a stunning Autumn show. It helps ease me in to Winter to see such vibrant reds and intense yellows in the foliage. Autumn is beautiful in its own way. Summer I love you and miss you already…


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