A real bee keeper

Today I became a real bee keeper. I got stung. Apparently you are not a real bee keeper til you get stung.

I was preparing the hive for Winter, I had a plan, I didn’t stick to it as I didn’t find what I thought I would in the hive. I had hive boxes and frames everywhere, the bees were unhappy, I was formulating a plan. Then I felt a drop of sweat run down my chest. I became alarmed. It was not hot, pleasantly warm. What the hell?? I kept moving frames and generally progressing with my half formed plans, I kept having that sensation. Then a small stinging started. I abandoned the hive and came inside. I took my suit off and found the offender (not sweat, a delicate little lady walking on my skin) she had stung me.

I am not sure if it is possible to not be stung properly but I think that is what happened. It really didn’t hurt very much at all. I thought it would be a LOT worse. I ejected the offender from my suit and got re-suited. I went back out and finished what I started. I hope I have done the right thing for the hive. I have gone from 3 boxes to 1 for the Winter, I wanted to over Winter with 2 boxes but it didn’t work out like that.

I am calling it an experiment and running with it.

I am pretty sure a real bee keeper would do the same…



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