I wasn’t expecting that

I don’t look at the front of the feijoa tree that often as it is right in the bees flight path. I knew that there were some self seeded tomatoes growing in front of the hive. I left them to grow as an experiment. Un-watered, un-loved. I went investigating the other day and was a little sad to see that the chickens have damaged the tomatoes. I should really have expected that. The plant itself looked to be in good condition considering the lack of water. It has not been a very hot Summer though.

I decided that as I was already in the bee flight path I may as well have a look at the feijoa. This is what I found.



Yep, tomatoes growing in the feijoa tree.

Let me tell you they were the most delicious tomatoes, so full of flavour. It was pretty good soil they were growing in but No Irrigation!!! Completely free tomatoes. I didn’t plant them, I didn’t water them, I didn’t weed them, I didn’t stake them (the feijoa did that for me!). For Free. There are more each day, I am going to save the seed from them and attempt to grow them water free next year.


For Free. My favourite šŸ™‚


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