Garlic planting

I am never 100% sure when I am supposed to plant garlic. I think it is the Autumn equinox, or Easter or whenever I remember. I went with option C this year and planted it this week.

I had to clear out the garden bed that I had designated for this years garlic. There were some tomato plants, basil, melon vines and pumpkin vines.


I decided to leave the basil plants to try and eek out another pesto batch.

I have basil in other beds too, I am not expecting pesto just from these straggly plants!

I added compost and worm castings and dug it all in. I usually just add to the top but this bed and one other are weirdly sandy. I am sure the answer lies hidden in my garden journal but I haven’t put the time into figuring it out.

Probably should have added more, it still looks a little lack lustre.

I then separated out the biggest heads that I had in storage from last year and picked the biggest cloves for planting.

The pile on the L) is for planting, the pile on the R) is for using first in the kitchen. There was not a huge deal of consistency in my decision making. I ended up with 58 cloves to plant from 8 heads of garlic.


I planted them in this bed and then all round the other garden beds in random spots. Turns out 58 is a lot of spots to find…

Planted and watered in.

Now to wait patiently for 8 to 9 months…



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