Mindless nonsense

I have nothing to say. This is unusual for me, usually I can talk under water. I will just write what is whirring around in my head, fairly nonsensical, not worth saying but I’ll say it anyway.

I am super super excited to have some unexpected time off work and my to-do list is immense. So immense I probably won’t do any of it and the items will just keep getting transferred to the next list. I want to clean out the fridge, I want to get rid of a heap of stuff in my house so that it feels less full. I want to go for a bike ride (the rain is putting me off that one), I want to clear out the pantry of stuff I don’t use. I want to finish knitting the never ending blanket (it is nowhere near close to being finished), I want to bake a heap of food to fill the freezer.

In all honesty as I sit here drinking a perfectly delicious cup of coffee playing on the computer those things aren’t likely to happen. I have been googling land to buy (I want to be a small scale farmer) tiny houses, flat pack houses, modular houses, caravans, more land, less land, all the land. I could fill a day with this…

On my farm there would be all the baby chickens!!!

I had whacky dreams last night, I spent a lot of the night lying there awake between these dreams, I am now both tired and wired (thanks coffee!). I bought lovely organic, sustainable, bamboo sheets last week that promised to change my life, and provide the best nights sleep every night. I am not blaming the sheets but at the same time I feel like I was lied to… I jest, I am a terrible sleeper, the sheet companies claims just made me laugh… I needed new sheets as I was struggling to keep up with the sewing of the old ones, the holes and rips were coming on so fast. I guess 12 years is all you get out of sheet sets these days. Rude…

I guess if I don’t get round to getting rid of at least half my belongings I have to acknowledge that I probably can’t live in a tiny house, time to refine my google searches…


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