Over the Winter I dug up a portion of grass and turned it into a makeshift extra garden bed. I unfortunately added a heap of clay rich soil. At the time it looked glorious as it was damp and filled with worms. When the heat arrived and the soil dried out it was like a slab of rock. When it was lovely and loose looking I planted a heap of potatoes in there. I practically wept when I realised what I had done. I expected very little potatoes. I was thrilled when I dug up some of the dead plants and found potatoes! They are a little on the small side but quite tasty.


I grew some different varieties. They all taste great! There is one line which is another type again that I have not dug up yet. I wish I had of noted what I planted. I am really happy with the flavour and the volume of the purple ones. When cooked they keep the purple colour, so pretty!

Quite a misleading picture. The non cut potato is of a different variety. The purple ones are dark purple, almost black on the outside.

My lovely brother welded me a thingy to put my bees on. I have an atrocious back so all the bending over and trying to lift is painful, this makes it so much nicer. He made it from floor scraps from his work.




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