Lovely Summer is here!

Christmas has come and gone. So many Christmas gatherings attended. So many gifts given. So many fruit mince pies made. They were quite a success. I neglected to photograph the process and only thought to take a quick pic of the last one (just before I ate it). They are certainly my most favourite fruit mince pies as they had none of the things I don’t like in there. I will make them again next year.


It has been quite hot over the last week or so. It did not get below 28 degrees C inside overnight, it did not get below that outside either! I am loving it. It makes me dream even harder about moving to the country and having more space and a dam to swim in and all the animals that come with all the space. Oh imagine all the food I could grow!!


I love the heat, the chickens do not. I freeze water and treats and give them to them but they still don’t like Summer!

I have not ever made a New Years resolution before. I am dangerously close to making one this year. I want to declutter. I want to have a tidier home. I am thinking of making a New Years resolution to get rid of half my stuff. It sounds a little daunting so I probably won’t make it. Maybe the desire to achieve it will be enough without the official resolution….


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