Happy Summer Solstice

For the Northern hemisphere folk, Happy Winter Solstice. I love love love Summer, it saddens me that from today each day gets shorter (hopefully hotter, but shorter), only 3 weeks into Summer. But it is, in my mind, less noticeable than the Winter solstice. I find great reassurance in the Winter Solstice and tell myself that I can feel the days lengthening and Spring coming. The Winter solstice is awesome, it helps keep me positive when it is cold and dark outside.

I am doing nothing today to celebrate except thinking about the longest day of the year and what it means to me. In my own personal Narnia I wouldn’t celebrate Christmas I would celebrate today. This day is special to me.

So Happy Summer/Winter Solstice!!!!!! Get out and enjoy nature 🙂

Due to her kinda creepy reddish eye colour she looks evil but I can assure you she isn’t. She is the best!
Daikon attempt 1:fail. Nice flowers though!
Queen Anne’s Lace thriving on neglect


First zucchini of the season 🙂
Hopefully the second zucchini, look at that little bee in there
Last brassica of the season
Never fails to thrill me! I love tomatoes!!
Too many apples on one little branch. I will probably have to thin them out.
Chaos. I love thee




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