A years worth?

I have decided, using no method or research, that the garlic is dry enough to be braided. Despite this being my 4th year of storing garlic in this fashion there has been no increase in my skills. They are not pretty!

I don’t know if this is enough garlic to last me a year plus seed for next year. I am sure I had more last year and it was just ok, I had to turn the last few bulbs into garlic powder as they were starting to sprout and this powder has got me through til now.

I seem to struggle with what is an indoor activity and what is an outdoor activity. This, in retrospect, is definitely an outdoor activity.


My helper, Franklin.

I decided to do 4 braids. No reason why, just did.


Too small or brittle to bother braiding, these will be eaten first.
Someone has been fighting, poorly. That is a scratch just under his nose. The ones on his nose have just healed. I don’t think he will ever be a good fighter…

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