I don’t love Christmas. I like spending the meal on Christmas day with my family. I don’t like the gift buying, the commercial-ness, the waste.

If it were up to me I would ask everybody to make a little something edible that when all put together creates a meal and then everyone would eat drink and be merry. No presents. No money wasted on things people probably won’t use. Just enjoying each others company.

I kinda want to have a rant about all the things that irritate me about Christmas but I will hold back, you’re welcome.

I am not a religious person so there is little meaning to me behind the celebration. I just enjoy spending time with my family. So that is what I am focusing on this Christmas season. Family. Not all the silly parties I feel obliged to attend.

Next week my older sister and I are going to make fruit mince pies for the first time then my other siblings are going to join in for some eggnog and to help eat the fresh pies. I am looking forward to it. Focus on the fun!

Spoiler alert, this is what I am making people for Christmas. I will thread some string on them and they will be decorations. Possibly should give them to people before Christmas so that they can use them this year…



Some more glorious carrots. Because, why not!
Picked some flowers from the garden to take to my grandma, I love this time of year!

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