Food, Food, Food

I think about food a lot. I try to grow most of my fresh food requirements. I still frequently buy avocados, onions, and carrots. I do not have an avocado tree. I do not seem to have much luck growing onions or carrots. It is a shame as I eat lots of both. I am going to keep trying to grow enough of each.

Something miraculous has happened with this batch of carrots. I usually have the most trouble getting them to germinate. I don’t think I keep the soil damp enough. Once they germinate it is hit and miss as to whether they develop a good root. I have no idea what I did with these guys but I think I have just grown my best carrot ever!!!

A nasturtium flower as a size comparision

Obviously there are still the weird ones as well but they are mixed in with good size straight ones. I am thrilled!!

I am going to go plant more seeds now. I wish I knew what was done differently to achieve such success. Now to work out how to grow enough onions…


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