Egg laying

Chickens want a quiet dark safe place to lay their eggs, this is supposed to be a fact. I have 4 chickens that lay eggs, 2 of them refuse to conform to this “fact”. One lays in the wine barrel in full day light outside my bedroom window, she doesn’t care if I am mowing the lawns or watching her out the window. Weirdo.

Duchess, the other non conforming chicken, has no routine. I find her eggs anywhere and everywhere. Yesterday at the bottom of the stairs, the day before under the pear tree, day before that middle of the back yard. I have stood on them before. Quite funny but quite annoying. One day her egg was halfway down the ramp from their egg laying area, like she had gone in to lay in the appropriate area and then had a change of heart at the last minute. Today, the gate area to their house.


But when a chicken is as crazy as this one I don’t feel it is wise to try and change her ways.I just go on an egg hunt each day. In the past when I have tried to modify her character flaws she has just escalated her behaviour and ultimately the situation is worse and I have lost the battle to a chicken. Not good times. Would you take this crazy lady on?? I think not…



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