100 posts

100 posts later I am still unsure why I write here. I don’t link my posts to anything, I don’t categorise them, I don’t tag them. I don’t tell people I have a blog. I am unsure what I expect, hell I don’t even know how to work the features of this wordpress site. Looking at the weird buttons at the top I just realised I can write in different colours, now that is neat! Sometimes I feel like writing, sometimes I don’t . This can be seen in the frequency of posts. At the start I tried to be regimented in posting regularly and all it did was stress me out and then I abandoned the whole thing. Second go around I am much more relaxed about when I put things up. I know there are certain topics that garner more views but I don’t write about them very often because I don’t feel like it. This is a very self serving place for me…

I think I like taking photos of my garden and animals and this space gives me something to do with them.  I like reading other peoples blogs, I like getting my thoughts down “on paper”, I like photos, I have an atrocious memory and every now and then I reread some of my posts and think ‘oh that’s right, I remember that (now)’ all these things combined still don’t lead me to a reason. I guess there doesn’t have to be a reason.

Oh well, Happy 100 posts to me!!!

A bunch of photos….

It is finally tomato season 🙂
The beans are starting to flower
Probably time to prune, but I love overgrown!
I can only get photos of this glorious chicken running to me or
Trying to help and see what I am up to. So curious!
One handsome chicken
Future pears
Bee photo fail


So Close!
Tidied some of the sweet peas this morning, the chickens are grateful




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