Garlic time

Makes me think Stop, Hammer Time. But no. It is garlic time, garlic harvest time to be specific…


I always um and ah about when to harvest my garlic. This year more so because I knew it was going to be a bad year for me garlic-wise. The seasons are all out of whack! We had rain in the forecast, the soil was already wet from the last rain. I didn’t want rotted garlic so I thought, what the heck I’ll do it now. Quite a few had 4 dead leaves. I am unsure where I got this idea (probably google) that you wait til 4 of the leaves die but I have been counting garlic leaves for a few years now…


I pulled them all out. It was a bit better than I expected. I thought they would all be tiny bulbs as when I had stuck my finger down in the dirt on a random few I could not feel much more than a small bump.


Whole lot harvested. I usually leave them out in the sun for the day (again probably some notion from google, no facts) but we haven’t really had any sun to speak of. So straight inside to start the drying off process. Hopefully this lasts me a year. I will not eat the largest ones, I will save those for planting next season. I may buy some more seed garlic to bolster my stock. I want to be able to make lots of dehydrated garlic every year!



I just have to work out how to keep naughty cats away…



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