Feeling blue

When I  feel sad or sick or out of sorts (or I have had too much coffee and think I may actually both faint and vomit from too much caffeine…) I restore my equilibrium in the garden. Flowers or flowers to be, they bring me joy. These are some of the flowers in my backyard at the moment that are bringing me joy and restoring my equilibrium.

Soon to be calendula, I will be drying the petals and making soaps and salves with all the calendula I have planted. So much hope, joy and plans all encased in that bud.
Feijoa flower
Oregano, a solitary cosmos and some minorcan cotton lavender with its yellow flowers.
Self seeded Chamomile and a dragon
Some apples, some Lambs Ear, some society garlic, some evening primrose, some others whose names I have forgotten…
Queen Annes Lace just starting to flower
Another one flowering
A passion fruit flower, surely one of the weirdest looking flowers out there!

And then I feel a little better. After a talk to the ladies who were keenly interested in what I was up to that one coffee that was too strong has started to wear off. I feel better.



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