Winter Prepping

Here in the Southern hemisphere we are supposed to be a week away from the start of Summer. On Monday it was 38 degrees, Tuesday 19 degrees. Cold for the next week or so ie as far as the reliable(ish) forecast goes. Monday was quite an anomaly for our Spring this year. It has been non existent. Yes I am complaining…

Today is no exception, it is miserable. I am highly affected by the weather. When it is grey and miserable outside, I feel somewhat grey and miserable inside. When it is glorious and sunny I have the energy and drive of a thousand energiser bunnies (not quite that much but you get the idea…)

So it is not that greater stretch to be thinking of Winter. I like to drink herbal teas in Winter to try and warm my soul up. Every second day or so I have been harvesting Chamomile and Peppermint in preparation for Winter. I don’t use the dehydrator I just throw them on a tea towel and move them around a bit til they are dry. I have a good amount of stinging nettle growing but I have been eating it fresh like spinach, when I get sick of that I will dry some of that for tea too. Here is the last batch of ‘tea’. I will jar this up and label it as it is crunchy. Then I will spread out todays fresh haul.

I am not clever enough to play the piano, my sister does. I use it too, just for different purposes…

This morning I sat on the wet seats on my back verandah and harvested some chamomile.

You can feel the lack of light in this picture. Where is the bloody sun???

I also grabbed a handful of peppermint. I really like peppermint tea with a bit of honey. I may have some this afternoon.


I wanted to do a welfare check on my bees today (really to assess the honey for my Winter teas!)  but they are barely out and about due to the weather so I feel my inspection will have to wait. Quite rude of the bees to not want me nosing through their home whilst smoking them and creating general  panic and chaos. Rude. Anyway I digress.

Todays haul
The tea of my future…

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