They’re here

I am finally a bee keeper. I went and picked up my bees last week, they are settling in beautifully.

Look at the pollen on that bee!!!


It is a noticeable difference in the backyard. I can hear them buzzing around when I am in the garden. I can see a lot more bees playing in my flowers. They are fascinating. I am the crazy bee lady, I just stand near their hive and watch them. Or in the garden watching them collect pollen and nectar. Endlessly entertaining!


This feijoa is planted next to the hive, I expect so many feijoa this year. I do not know if they are pollinated by bees, I have yet to see a single bee on the flowers. I still have very high expectations…


No one has been stung yet. I have been walking around with no shoes on but there are very few flowers in the grass so I don’t expect many bees to be in the grass.

So far, so good.


4 thoughts on “They’re here

  1. Congrats on the arrival of your bees!
    Do you just have the one feijoa tree? I’ve always heard that they need two plants to cross pollinate, so unless your neighbours have a tree you might want to look into planting a second one.


    1. We had one feijoa tree when we were kids and got so much fruit. I am wondering now if a neighbour had a tree… We got about 5 fruit last year but the tree is only young. I am unaware of any neighbours with feijoa trees so if i don’t get much fruit this year I will have to plant a second one. Thank you so much for this info I had no idea!!


  2. My job today will be to hunt for the tag that came with the tree and see what variety it is. Thank you so much for that link, I am fairly certain no research at all went into the purchase of that tree so to finally have some info on them is great. Plus recipes! Thanks heaps šŸ™‚


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