Beautiful beautiful compost

I finally worked up the courage to tip the compost bin over. I remember vividly the time a rat leaped out of the compost bin at my face with its fangs out and I was trapped. Vividly. After half an hour of fairly intense procrastination I tipped it over. No mice or rats were seen. I did kick the outside a few times and walk away (all part of my procrastination) so maybe they took my hint and left. What I did find was beautiful beautiful compost.

I am an atrocious composter. It is not that I don’t compost, I do, everything. It is just that I don’t layer anything. I don’t use the ratio that is the key to good compost. I don’t aerate it. I frequently forget to water it. It is truly a miracle to me each time I tip it up a bit and take soil from the bottom.

The amount of worms I found delighted me!! If you don’t like photos of worms, dirt, and general decay, don’t read on. I Love It!! Look at this!

img_4926img_4930I am so happy to see these little guys! They have a lot of work to do. I did bad in the garden and I need them to break down chunks of what feel like rocks but are nuggets of dry clay.

img_4931I found a couple of toothbrushes. They have been thrown back into the compost to go through again.

I see that I forgot to remove the bristles of this one…The worms don’t seem to mind.

My filthy filthy hands were covered in clay filled tenacious dirt. I washed them. Then washed a load of dishes. It didn’t come off… I may have to rewash those dishes when I can get this off my hands. I have ripped up my nails digging through all the clay but the garden soil is looking better for all the compost. Success.

Post washing dishes, man that stuff is tough!

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