Garden woes

Over Winter a friend was doing some landscaping and offered me a heap of mulch. I accepted. It seemed a little clay filled but ok. I, being lazy, left it in the driveway for a couple of weeks before I decided what I was going to do with it. When I filled a bucket with it I was thrilled to see soooo many worms. I put that stuff everywhere in the garden. Everywhere. In every vegetable garden bed, in the newly dug potato ‘field’. The flower area, the fruit trees. Everywhere. Yesterday I watered the garden and thought I would dig in some compost into one area that looked a little sad. Holy Hell that stuff I added had set like stone!!! I cannot break it up with my fingers. The worms have gone too. It hasn’t been a problem til now as there has been lots of rain and cold weather. But now the night time lows are finally in double figures and there have been some sunny days. The soil is horrible. I don’t see how the potatoes will be able to grow it in. My job today was going to be to move the compost bin for the bees, now I shall be emptying it and shoveling it all into the veggie garden plus all the worm castings I can steal plus lawn clippings plus anything else I find lying around. What Have I Done To My Garden!!!?????!!

This soil is like a sheet of rock, all my doing 😦

May be this gardening season I can just focus on the mint, I didn’t put any in this pot. It is pretty happy…


The flowers don’t seem to mind half as much as I do. The soil in there must be like rock, I am too scared to go in and see….

On a separate note: I have finished the bee hive, just waiting for its inhabitants. I am unsure if I will ever need to have it 4 boxes high out in the backyard, it looks so tall! Imagine all the honey if I had a strong enough hive to fill 4 boxes 🙂


On another separate note: My sister felt the last post was lacking in cat and chicken pics so I have just been out and taken a couple.

Baby Chick getting way to close to the camera
Beatle in the morning sun, this is her good side, the other side of her comb has scabs on it, she definitely like to be photographed from her good side Luscious Lady!
Finally, Franklin, The Best Cat in the World.

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