Where is Spring?

The garden is a flop. This is my worst gardening Spring on record. The soil won’t warm because the sun won’t stay. Usually I don’t worry about pesky bugs in the garden too much because the plants grow fairly quickly once they are in the ground so unless there are infestation levels of bugs it all works just fine. I have dealt with the level of bugs so that it is under control, I am happy to share with the bugs, just don’t take everything! But everything I transplant is just stagnating. This gives the bugs time to snack and the plants less surface area to photosynthesise.

The lows overnight are still in the single digits. I am unsure if this means that Summer will extend well into March/April or if this is just not going to be a very warm Summer. I am going to go out now and give everything a liberal soaking with worm tea and hope for the best. I am still hopeful that Spring will come before we actually arrive in Summer, which according to the calendar is in a few weeks.

Here are some photos of cucumbers and pumpkins that have been in the ground for weeks and weeks doing precious little.

Their first set of leaves has been eaten or their true leaves are being nibbled. These poor plants!!


My new coping strategy is to look at the garden from afar and admire the crazy untamed nature of it…


The potatoes are going ok, the gap at the front is ones that rotted in the ground after sitting in water for days on end. I am going to put a watermelon in there and see what happens.



At the back here I am going to put the bees. I am going to move the compost bins, move the seedling rock melon and pop the hive there. I went to a hive demonstration yesterday and there was a man there that has bees and chickens, he said that the bees sting his chickens. He tried to reassure me that he probably just had really stupid chickens. Um mine aren’t brain surgeons…

The internet suggests it should be fine but as 1 of the rules of my bee keeping is that the chickens don’t get hurt I have rearranged a few things. The old location is out this is the new location, behind a fence, where inquisitive chickens cannot venture and snack direct from the source.




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