Baby Chick

That glorious little chicken who is most definitely not a baby. Cricket. Every now and then I remember to call her Cricket. That is an improvement.

Her Mumma chicken Duchess returned to laying and stopped behaving like her Mumma. Things were returning to normal.

Last week Duchess became broody. Despite there being 2 nesting boxes and at different points in time they are both used, they usually prefer one over the other. It is usually the one that is occupied that is the only one they want to use that day.

When Duchess is broody it disrupts all the chickens. Most of the time this disruption manifests as a whole lotta noise, screaming at Duchess to Move.

Baby Chick decided to problem solve. She found a new spot. The chickens are not allowed on the verandah. They respect this, or so I thought…

Baby Chick has decided that the half wine barrel that has the sage, baby spring onions and chamomile is her new spot. This is most definitely on the verandah.

Now out my window Lucy and I see thisimg_4879 img_4878And then later find this


The spring onions on this side have not survived…


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