More Hive stuff

I made a rookie error and did not allow enough time for the 7 million layers of paint to dry. I cannot remember if I put 4 or 5 coats of paint on, it all got a little confusing. I am guessing some parts got 4 some got 5…

My ever patient sister didn’t say a word but I was sick of skirting around all the boxes as they dried, I wanted them off the lounge room floor. So after almost 2 days of drying I  stacked them up, man they looked pretty!

Then I started work on constructing the frames. My poor hands tell the story of the 32 frames that I made. That wire is sharp! Once I had made about 5 I thought I would get them out of the way and pop them in the hive.

I could not separate those damn boxes!!! They were stuck together like nobodies business. I actually had to use my hive tool to prise them apart. Some of my glorious paint was ruined but anyway…. Lesson learnt. I now have them stacked like this.


This is easier to pull apart. I will probably put a coat of paint on the bits that were damaged. I finally found out how to put the base together, this is the last thing that needs to constructed. It is also the last thing that needs painting. Then I will throw it out in the back yard to wait for its inhabitants.

I have registered as a bee keeper. A little preemptive but it is a legal requirement to have our registration number on each box and I would rather do this on an empty hive. I am unsure if I will decorate the hive. I kinda want some orangey hexagons randomly on the side but I am unsure if this will look nice or not.


Look at all those lovely frames in their home. I read somewhere that you should set up your beautiful hive in your lounge room and admire it for a while as it will never look as pretty again. The bees will ruin it, the weather will ruin it. I am doing as they said. Admiring the beauty.


The hive tool. Apparently the most important tool (arguably it would seem, some say the smoker is the most important, I cannot weigh in on this just yet…). So far it has been the most useful to me, the smoker is still in its box.



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