Garden life

I bought all the parts to construct my bee hive. They don’t look very bee hive like stacked in a pile on the floor but I am hoping they will be easy to put together.


I have been planting more flowers and buying more seeds. Have I mentioned how much I love buying seeds?? Seeds are quite possibly my favourite things in the world to buy. The possibility that they represent is so exciting to me! I bought daikon seeds so that I can make my own kimchi. I bought amaranth as I believe it has a lovely flower plus I like to eat the seed and you can eat the leaves as it is growing. 3 things from one plant, what a winner!! Lemon balm for the people and the bees. Agastache licorice blue, also for the people and the bees. The agastache is a bit of a long term seed project as it doesn’t flower for 32 weeks after planting. As I will only be planting the seeds this weekend I think it will flower in a year. Apparently it is like crack for bees! Ok I made that up but it is incredibly nectar rich and they love it.

The garden is looking a little riotous at the moment but as there is green everywhere I am happy 🙂 I have been weeding so much lately, all the same weed, I do not know where it has come from but it is doing my head in.


Also I caved and bought some seedlings, my seeds aren’t germinating as Spring has failed to arrive. We have had frost the last 2 nights. The days have not been very warm and the seeds are not liking it.

The seedlings are amazing. You get a 100% recycled and compostable tray and you fill it with single seedlings that are somehow in squares of soil with no packaging. It is a brilliant brilliant idea, you only get the amount you need. I often look at the traditional seedlings and think, why are there so many in a tray? who wants 6 or 8 zucchini plants? The only down side (which wouldn’t have been an issue if I was paying attention at the time) was when I got home with my 2 cucumber and 2 zucchini and all 4 looked the same same, I had put no thought into their location in the tray. Most seedlings I can tell apart at the single leaf stage but these ones were tricky. I think I have it right but I may not… But what a great idea to reduce waste!! Wish I took a photo before putting them in the ground…

These are my potatoes,  I am having trouble keeping one of the chickens out of there so I don’t think they will thrive.


For some reason she respects this netting system although she can easily fly straight over the fence at any other point, I will not question this but be thankful.



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