Beeautiful or scary

I am half way through my bee keeping course. The bees arrive in a month. I am buying the hive in a few days so I can paint it and make it all pretty before the bees arrive.

The only problem is…

I have not actually seen a hive in real life before. I am a little concerned that I am going to freak out, hate it and want to quit.


I have a hugely irrational fear of spiders. Huge fear! Very real, very fearful. Sometimes bees look like spiders. I am unsure how I will feel when there are 30,000 bee/spiders all in a heap, moving around. Flying. Flying spiders is actually a recurring nightmare that I have, right up there with spiders developing immunity to Mortein. Oh the nightmares!

In retrospect I should have done the course first then been to see a hive. If that was successful then order the bees and buy the equipment. Or gone all sensible and been to see a bee hive before I contemplated getting bees.

I am fairly committed this way. Who knows, maybe this will cure me of my fear of spiders.

I am looking forward to constructing the hive, painting it, decorating it, generally preparing the area for my new friends. I am super hopeful that my desire to help the bees/ eat glorious honey/ have awesome pollinators at hand will override the fear.

Bring on the HONEY!!!!!


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