Problem solving skills

I had to have a student in my car for the day last week. I figured it was probably as good an excuse as any to clean the car out. The problem is the vacuuming part.

3 indoor cats, each very curious. I ran an extension cord out the front so that the vacuum cleaner could reach. This meant that I couldn’t close the door. I thought about running it through a window but I would have had to break the fly wire to do this.

This is my ingenious problem solving piece of string. I tied it to the door handle and to the rail on the other side of the landing.


Over the course of the vacuuming each one tried their luck. The string held. There was enough give that I was a little concerned that Lucy may succeed.  The string held. I was a little worried about Herbie’s considerable bulk. The string held.



If I push my face real hard into the gap it may let me out….


How could you do this to me?

img_4845In order of persistence. Lucy tried the hardest and the longest. Franklin was next most persistent. Herbie only tried for about a minute then gave up. Slacker!


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