Round the house today.

Today I went all renegade, I was cleaning the benches in the kitchen when I realised I was running low on orange vinegar. What did I do? I mixed the last of my orange vinegar with sage vinegar. I like them both separately. Turns out, scent wise, they do not enhance each other. This is fine by me, I am getting twice the antibacterial benefits. Right?

I am making some pizza for lunches for the next few days. I drive a lot for work and don’t get time for a lunch break so I like to have food that I can eat while driving. I am real classy like that.

I am experiencing minimal success in the garden, I think it is a mixture of problems. Old  seeds – a lot of them have expired. Plus Spring keeps showing itself for a day and then disappearing for a week. Not enough to warm the soil. I am starting to panic a little at the lack of seedlings. So this morning I planted even more seeds. Over the weekend I put random seeds in the mini greenhouse, no labels, no location system. Now I am regretting that but committing to the error by compounding it. I put more seeds in today. Please make some sprout…

I transplanted a young zucchini plant a few days ago, I put crushed egg shells around it, it looked a little nibbled the next day anyway. Annoying. So I went out at night and had a look at who the offenders were. 23 snails. On one little plant. Their abdomens were covered in egg shell. They did not care. Smug bastards. I got rid of all of them but the next morning there was a stump where the plant used to be 😦 I planted more zucchini seeds this morning. I also think the earwigs are back.

The remnants. 2 days prior this was a luscious young zucchini plant 😦

I am knitting a blanket, it should be ready for Winter 2018. I will knit some more of that this afternoon if the rain is still here. Or maybe I will make some honey and sultana scones. I feel like eating scones and drinking tea. At the rate I am knitting maybe 2019….

What else is going on today? Cleaning (using newly topped up vinegar spray), research  on the computer for bee supplies. I start the bee keeping course tomorrow. Weeding. The rain has been like a hand written invitation to every weed in the world to come to the party in my backyard. I swear they pop up in the thousands every night. Why don’t the snails eat those? Wouldn’t that be lovely companion gardening??

Nothing huge going on here. Although I must admit the excitement levels are high, the last 3 days we have got 3 eggs a day!!! From 6 chickens some would say that is a poor outcome. I am thrilled!!! I thought we would be getting 1 or 2 a day at most. 9 eggs. I am rich!!! Eggs for dinner tonight 🙂


Beatle doing her best ‘I am sage, wise beyond my years, you should damn well do as I say. Get me more food wench’

I tried to take an update photo on my trial. The one where the nasturtium grows large and lush in the chicken pen without being eaten by the chickens. Well it is growing. Slowly. I think when the weather warms up it will be fine. Every couple of days or so I see a pecked off and discarded leaf but it is still going ok. The ladies didn’t think I should take a photo of progress…


I persevered.



The blossom has just begun on one of the pear trees 🙂


The sage and thyme have put on some Spring growth and are looking healthyimg_4814.



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