The rains are here

That fleeting feeling of Spring has gone. It is back to Winter. Yesterday at work I got drenched, it didn’t stop raining the whole day. Not just a drizzle either, proper rain. The day before was similar. Yesterday I went to let the chickens out before work and noticed there was water pooling around one of the apple trees, annoying but surely not the end of the world. This morning the yard looks like this.



Kinda shows you where your uneven ground is! I am an incredibly scientific mathematical sort of person so I measured the depth of the water using up to date technology.


It’s not too bad. Except around the apple tree. This morning I thought maybe adding wood shavings would turn it into a sludge that I could move away from the base of the tree. Not sure why I felt this was important, the poor roots will still be water logged. But I did it anyway.


Useless. Although looking at this picture I don’t see all the water all I see that the tree wasn’t planted in the middle of the circle. GRRR.

Anyway re-employing the same up to the minute technology I ascertained that it it the deepest here at the apple tree base.


The wood chips did diddly squat.


These are the two rows of potatoes that I diligently dug trenches for and planted last week. Hope they like water… I am hopeful that they wont rot. I may try scooping some of that water out.


The poor apple tree is swimming and probably not loving it!

Some gumboots in water photos.








There are flood warnings for much of Victoria. I hope the farmers don’t lose crops. I hope people don’t lose lives or homes. My pitiful mini backyard flood is nothing, the rain is supposed to ease a bit today, I am going to go and play in the puddles with the chickens who by the way are loving it. Due to the water logged nature of the whole backyard the worms have come up to the surface for some oxygen and the chickens are having a smorgasbord.


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